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For technical schools:

Educational resources at technical level  designed for all types of Technical and Vocational Schools

For secondary schools:

Educational resources designed for introducing 3D printing in a variety of Secondary Education subjects


What can I get from 3D Makers Academy?

3D printing is on the rise and that results in the ability to find lots of articles, videos, tutorials and expert websites. All these resources are very useful to help everyone become familiar with 3D printing. The issue is that the resources are scattered and don’t help to get an organized picture.

Instead, 3D Makers Academy offers:

  • A comprehensive and structured set of learning resources to help teachers prepare their class activities about 3D printing.
  • All the learning content is available on a single source.

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Learning resources (free)

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A collection of brief chapters to introduce teachers and students in 3D printing.
Use these chapters in the classroom or for self-learning

Chapter 1: What is 3D printing?
Chapter 2: The importance of 3d printing
Chapter 3: 3D printing in Education
Chapter 4: Repositories of printable objects
Chapter 5: 3D printers for your classroom
Chapter 6: 3D printing materials
Chapter 7: Tips and Tricks
Chapter 8: Slicing
Chapter 9: My first 3D printing
Chapter 10: Finishing of 3D printed objects
Chapter 11: 3D printing Troubleshooting
Chapter 12: types of 3D printers

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Quick Start Guide for Teachers

This guide is of great help to instructors of Primary, Secondary, and Vocational education who would like to deploy 3D printing activities at their school’s classrooms. We help you start from scratch, and we can also guide you towards higher levels of complexity.

Services to schools

3D Makers Academy offers personalized services to schools worldwide, including support, train the trainer, visits to factories, master classes and course completion certificates.

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