Wood filament test with Ender 3 Pro

One of the tests we’ve done with the Creality Ender 3 Pro has been to make a decoration object with wood filament. Wood filament is made of a small percentage of PLA and a high percentage of wood small elements.

We used dark color wood filament from “Sakata”. We set the temperature at 230 C and the bet at 65C. Resolution was set at 0.2 mm and 20% filling.


The process took 70 hours with a very successful result as shown in the photographies.

The critical step is to ensure the first layer adhesion and a correct extrusion at the beginning of the print. The rest of the process is a question of time and keeping the stability of the environment conditions like humidity and temperature of the room where the 3D printer is working. It is important to avoid going in a out of the room, a change of temperature caused by a sudden open of the door could have an impact on the object accuracy.

The final result looks wood, has a wood touch and smells like wood !

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