Quick start guide for teachers

How to plan 3D printing activities for the classroom?

This guide is of great help to instructors of Primary, Secondary, and Vocational education who would like to deploy 3D printing activities at their school’s classrooms.

We help you start from scratch, and we can also guide you towards higher levels of complexity.

The quick guide covers the following processes:

  • Which 3D printers are best for the classroom?
  • What is the best way to buy 3D printers?
  • Types of 3D printing materials
  • Buy 3D printing materials
  • Introductory session to your students
  • Where to find 3D designs of printable objects?
  • How to download 3D designs of printable objects?
  • The slicing process
  • Level of the print bed
  • Insert the filament
  • Insert and select the GCODE file
  • Etc…

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